Another Waste

This post/rant will be surrounding an interesting British Reuters article.

Can anybody else point out what’s wrong with what this article says, or is it just me?  Since when is television a right and not a privilege?  Why is the government spending money to give everyone, essentially, access to TV.  Granted, the article does explain why they are doing it, but I still fail to see why it’s the government’s problem to provide access to the latest and greatest technologies to those that can’t afford it.  Cut off the old airwaves, reap your bagillions in selling the spectrum to commercial wireless services and emergency uses, and be done with it.  I mean, don’t we have other things, more extreme social problems, than people not being able to watch TV?  Hell, if Senator McCain (R) can’t think of any, I’m sure I could come up with a few.

Note to McCain, the world will continue to function if people can’t watch TV.  Doesn’t it just rot your brain anyways?