Driving Courtesies

Maybe driving is a rebelpeon.com thing.  I mean, Bree just had an entry about it, and now I will too.

First off, I don’t care if you’re the only person on the interstate, you do not need your hi-beams on.  I mean, seriously, is this so much to ask?  I love the people that have them on, and then “forget” to turn them off after you pass.  It’s almost tempting to turn off the cruise, slow down, get behind them, and let them know what it feels like.

Speaking of cruise, learn how to use it.  For the love of god people, it’s there for a reason, and that reason is not to just be there.  I suppose I’m super-addicted to cruise control.  I use it whenever I’m on the interstate.  As long as I can keep a steady speed, it’s on.  Just when I went up to Fort Wayne this weekend, I used it the whole way, even while driving through Indy.  Granted, it came off a lot more then, but still. 

I can’t fathom what goes through people’s heads that don’t use cruise.  I had a truck without it, my driving life was miserable.  So much so in fact that I barely left Champaign-Urbana because it was such a pain.  Nothing like having your leg fall asleep because you have to keep pushing the gas.  Plus there’s the fact that whenever I would hit a hill I’d have to watch the speedometer that much more carefully, especially when there were people around.  I always felt like a tool when I just passed someone, then hit a hill and slowed down a little, only to have the person I just passed, pass me.  Plus, it’s just annoying to constantly go, slow down, go, slow down, go, etc.  That’s supposedly the beauty of the interstate, it’s not city stop and go driving.  You’re supposed to be able to maintain a specific speed the whole way.  However, without cruise that makes it next to impossible.

I think I can summarize with:

If you’re not using cruise control, you’re not only doing a disservice to yourself, but everyone around you.

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