Best Buy

Things I hate about about Best Buy:

1.  The fact that nothing is priced correctly.  Granted, it worked in my favor this weekend, but seriously, how hard is it to post the correct price on the product when it is essentially all you do.  I went and picked up the Katie Melua album this weekend, after downloading it last week, and it was clearly marked as $12.99.  However, when I get to the register, it rings up as $9.99.  It just reminds me to be extra careful at that place, since who knows if it works in Best Buy’s favor some days.

2.  How much crap can they try to push on you at checkout?!  It was bad enough when they try to push you the Performance Service Plan (PSP), but now they try to cram Entertainment magazine down your throat too.  No I do not want that, and no, you don’t have to point it out to me.  If I was at all interested I would have looked at it myself, or I would already subscribe to it.

3.  I hate how Best Buy is the only place open on weekends, that sells some computer parts.  I was looking for a USB 2.0 card for a drive enclosure I recently purchased.  You can always rely on finding the worst price on computer accessories there.