More on Dept Change

Well, from what I’ve heard “through the grapevine,” it looks as if there is a chance of me moving to three different deptartments: Food Science & Human Nutrition, Engineering Workstations, or Achitecture.  Apparantly, I’ll be doing a half-time position at 2 of these.  Which 2, however, has yet to be figured out (at least, that’s the last I heard). 

Of course, I haven’t heard any of this from my actual boss.  I’ve heard it 3rd hand from my Unit Contact at DIA. 

But I won’t bother you all with a fun topic about that 🙂  Instead I’ll talk about the beast that is half-time.  When I worked for

Benteler Automotive I essentially worked half-time at Goshen, IN and Fort Wayne, IN.  Well, actually it was more 3/4 time at Goshen, and 1/4 time at Fort Wayne.  Talk about a pain.  Granted, most of my time was spent in Goshen, because they seemed to have all the problems (also 3x the users), but working out a plan to hit problems in both locations became strenuious at times.  And then, if there was only a few things to do in Goshen, my boss would ask me to stay there in case other things cropped up while I was away, essentially taking my time away from the Fort Wayne plant.  Now, I understand that things will be different here at the University, since both depts will be have me for half my time no matter what.  And since each dept here is run so differently (especially the 3 that are my possibilities), it’s going to be totally shifting gears when going from one to the other.  Hopefully I’ll be able to divy my time up by days (i.e. 2 full days at one dept, 2 full days at another, etc), instead of half a day one place, half a day another.  I don’t know how well I’d be able to handle that. 

I’ll guess I’ll just wait and see.  Hopefully I’ll hear something about it before the 1st of July (when I’m apparantly moving).

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