Bike Rack

Now that I’m actually using my bike, I want a better way of hauling it (and Erin’s) around.  Currently she has a trunk mount one, but, well, it sucks.  If it didn’t scratch the crap out of her car, I’d be half way tempted to slap it on mine and then we could take my car, but alas…

Plus, I’m getting some extra money from the University for my vacation days.  Nothing like a little extra cash to burn a hole in your pocket.  Anyways, I’m looking at getting a Thule rack from ORS Racks Direct.  They have the best price by far (20% off MSRP), free shipping until tomorrow, and no tax (man I love the internet).  Anyways, I need some help from my fellow readers.  I need to know which is better, an upright mount, or a fork mount?  I can see how each one would have it’s benefits, plus there’s the fact that having the upright mounts increase the price by $38 (more for the actual mount, plus I need 2 more lock cylinders). 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and the sooner the better, since the deals seem to end tomorrow.