PT Party

Friday, after work I met Erin, Bree, and some of their friends at Ballydoyle’s.  They had had a stressful week at school and wanted to have a good time.  I got there a little bit before 7 and Erin and two others showed up at 7.  Then Bree and Eric showed up around 7:30.  A few more of their friends showed up around 8:30, and then we left around 11-11:30 (their stuff is actually the individuals at the bottom, and wasn’t that much).  It’s not good when the waitress says, “It’s quite a lot!” as she hands you the tab.  As you can see from the receipt (don’t mind the marked out entries, that’s just me figuring out what’s been paid back), the damage was steep, but a good time was had.

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