My birthday is coming up later this week, so everybody send me cash.  No, really.  However, I have gotten a gift already.  It’s from Erin, and it’s a guitar!  I’ve been wanting to get one for awhile now, but have always had something else I’ve needed more at the current time.  But now, I have one, and I have no excuses. 

So far, I’ve learned a scale, and “A Horse with No Name” (well, at least the chorus).  I really need to work on strengthening my fingers, since they don’t seem to want to go where they need to currently.  That’ll come with time though.  She also got me a soft case and a nice chords book.  We were looking at intro to guitar books, but I can already read music and stuff, so I figure I may as well just jump right in.  Plus, there’s free stuff on the intarweb that I can use for that.  Ah, the intarweb.  Is there nothing you can’t help with?


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