Online purchasing has really changed the way people do their buying.  However, there are definitely a few quirks that need to be ironed out.  Case in point:

On Friday, I decided I wanted to get a book.  So, first off I go and find out who has it, what the prices are, etc, online.  Of course, I hit up to begin with.  It turns out they have the book for $35.99 with free shipping (and no tax).  Then I remembered that there’s a Borders just down the street from my office.  Not remember who Amazon was parnered with, I do a search for Borders, and turns out they were the large B&M store with the Amazon partnership.  As you can see, it’s the same price at Borders as it is at Amazon.

I head down after work, not even sure if they’ll have the book, to find out that at the B&M store, it’s $59.99.  I ask if they pricematch their own online store.  They do not.  So I leave with no book in hand.  As soon as I got home, I went and ordered it online.  The instore experience wasn’t that great either, with overcrowded aisles and unhelpful staff. 

How can a store not keep the same price throughout?  Is instant-gratification worth a 50% (including tax) markup to people?  What, other than being able to thumb-through a book which wasn’t necissary in my purchase, do people think justifies this 50% markup?

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