Yesterday was the big game.  It wasn’t bad, but then again, I couldn’t care less about the teams.  So, instead lets talk about the other things surrounding the game.  For those of you that don’t know, I’ve got HD TV at home, connected to a 50” plasma and a receiver for 5.1 surround sound.  Watching any football game in HD is pretty cool, as the audio is mixed so that it actually utilizes all the speakers.  This was the case for the SuperBowl, except for the half time show.  Talk about udder crap.  The music was very muted and sounded like it was coming out of a single speaker.  The crowd noise was coming out of all speakers, but not the actual music.  It’s like they piped the direct feed of the instruments and singing straight out to the nation without any mixing.  It was lifeless and dull to say the least.  I guess I shouldn’t complain, since the audio wasn’t even working at the beginning of the performance.  It took a few lines before we even heard Mick singing.

Oh, and I also loved how in the song “Rough Justice”, ABC decided to censor the word “cocks.” 

One time you were my baby chicken
Now you’ve grown into a fox
Once upon a time I was your little rooster
But am I just one of your cocks

Now on to the commercials.  There were some that I enjoyed, and actually the only ones I remember.  The rest weren’t that great at all.  And for shame to the advertisers out there that are still not shooting and airing their commercials in HD.

FedEx Cavemen
Sprint Crime Prevention Phone
Bud Light Revolving Wall

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