Boring Weekends

Well, ever since Colleen and I broke up, I haven’t been doing a lot of social things on my own time, other than working out to pass the time.  This leads me to the last part of an entry that Bree wrote awhile ago; How am I supposed to meet new people to hang out with?  It seems as if everyone in this town around my age is either married or in college.  And all the people I knew from college are gone (or I just broke up with them). 

Heck, even a group to go out with to the bars or something would be nice.  Currently when I do go out, it’s with people from work.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the people I work with, but I’m with them all day already.  I kinda need some time away from work and work people.  Plus, whenever you go out to the bars with people you work with, conversation naturally turns to work for some time. 

I’ve been thinking about going to the bars by myself, but that sounds too depressing.  I need a group or at least someone else. 

What do other people do?  Even for people to just hang out with, is there a plan of attack, or should I just go with the flow?

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