MySQL Administrator

Well, for those of you in the blogging community, many of you use MySQL as your DB back end.  Unfortunately, MySQL sucks in many ways (although the price is nice).  One way is general administration.  In order to do any administration on the db, you would have to use the Command Line Interface (CLI).  Now, I’m a fan of the CLI for a lot of things, but without intimate knowledge of a program, you end up with your nose in the documentation more than actually doing anything.  Thankfully, I friend of mine came across a great little program that makes administration of MySQL a lot better.  You can checkout what I’m talking about here.  If you think you may be interested in it, go for the straight download page (MySQL’s webpage sucks for navigation now, so you may just want to use both of those links).

Adding users isn’t a pain anymore, backups aren’t a pain anymore, viewing logs aren’t a pain anymore, seeing permissions aren’t a pain anymore.  It’s just another piece that MySQL needed.