Cell Phone Consumer

Nick Rogers got a cell phone the other day.  He apparantly broke the antennae off his old phone, rendering it useless.  Now, both of us got our phones at the same time, two years ago.  So, naturally, since my Verizon contract is up (man, it’s been two years already?), I started thinking about getting a new phone.  Nick got the Motorola V551, which is a nice phone.  Looking through all the features I started contemplating getting a new one.

Some background.  When I bought my Samsung a310, it was one of the more top of the line phones.  I laid down some serious change for it.  Three months later, color screens dropped like a rock in price, camera phones and downloadable/changable ringers became the norm.  I then realized that spending that much money on a phone was rediculous.  Never will I spend that much money on a phone.  Now, the V551 is only $100 after MIR, which isn’t too bad. 

However, when Nick and I actually went to the Cingular store, I started questioning purchasing it.  I then asked about the 1000 minutes deal for $39.99, but I was told it expired on the 15th.  The deal is getting less and less a better deal.  The saleslady then told me that the current $39.99 deal was 450 minutes.  Now, this is 150 minutes more than what I currently get with Verizon, plus I’d get Rollover minutes, but I never even come close to 300 minutes as it is.  Plus, I’m not dissatisfied with Verizon.  Arg

Well, I ended up passing on the deal.  I mean, I don’t use half the features on my current phone, and it works.  Granted, it doesn’t have all the new features, nor is it a GSM phone, but I really can’t justify spending $100 MIR for stuff that I’ll probably never use and then only getting an additional 150 minutes.

I’m so proud of myself, showing some constraint over this.  Maybe sometime soon I’ll feel the need to upgrade.