Incredibly Frustrating

I absolutely hate it when my tools to do a job don’t work.  Which makes it even worse, is when they work, then the putz out, and so on and so forth.  My work computer is doing such a thing, and being that it’s a tablet computer, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it.  Of course talking to the tech support people, isn’t very reassuring.  Granted, the support people for Motion Computing, are leaps and bounds better than the outsourced help that HP has. 

Motion Computing follows up on problems, HP doesn’t even call you back when they say they are going to.  Even after you called them back after they forgot to the first time.  It’s so annoying.  I just want it to work.  There is a simple fix for either of these problems I’ve been having.  Send me a new one.  That way, you can either properly fix the one I sent back in, or scrap it. 

All I want is a tool the works, consistently.  Is this so much to ask?

Well, I called back HP today, since they were supposed to call be back early in the week (2nd time they didn’t call me back).  The guy on the phone told me that they could send me a new Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) (the broken part that doesn’t actually feed any documents through) that it wouldn’t work, but they were getting close to a solution to the problem.  He then has the gall to ask me if I wanted to purchase and extended warranty.  I’m like, “You guys can’t even call me back TWICE, and you expect me to send you more free money?  How about now.”  I’m then put on hold for 20 minutes while he consults with someone or something on where to go from there.  He comes back and goes through some troubleshooting steps.  Steps that the first guy I talked to went through, plus I had gone through from the HP website, and have told them ALL that I went to the website and did it.  Well, I was at work, so I’m sure you can tell how well the troubleshooting went.  Anyways, he finally gives up and says that they’re going to send me a new ADF.  Didn’t he just say that it wouldn’t do any good?!  Sigh, at least it’s better than sitting on hold.  I figure, if it works, great, if not, I’ll just get my money back.  Of course, before we hang up, he asks about the extended warranty again.  I hate crap like that.  Who in their right mind is going to say yes, after they were just on the phone for 30 minutes, and at least two-thirds of it was on hold, or waiting for the person to do something?!