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Alright, I know everyone’s been asking for them, so without further ado, pictures of my new place (sans furniture). 

The first area we’ll visit is the living room/kitchen.  When you walk in the door, the view that you see is below.  You can see the bathroom entrance from this shot and most of the kitchen along with the eating area.  Need to get a couple of bar stools for that though. 

Looking exactly the opposite way (from the kitchen into the front door) is below.  You can see the alarm system, thermostat, utility closet with w/d and the entrance to the bedroom.  You can also see some of the awesome wood floor, but they’ll be a better picture of that later.

Below is the view from the corner of the kitchen into the SW corner of the living room.  Not a lot there, but I figured I’d give images of everything.

And then this is the view due west from where the utility closet.

I said there was a better image of the wood floor in the living room.  Well here it is.  A nice cherry wood floor with a maple inlay.  The details in this place are really nice.

Next we’ll move onto the kitchen, since, well, it’s right there.  From the first image in the entry you basically saw what the kitchen looked like.  Well, here’s another shot that is basically looking due north from the living room.  It gives a good overall view of the kitchen.

This next image is basically the same shot, only closer.

Showing off the dishwasher and stuff from a lower angle.

And then a couple more that are similar.

Moving along to the bathroom.  This is the view from the front door, if the bathroom light is on and the door is open.

The sink and the tub.

Close up of dirty tub.

Shot of toilet and entry way (not much space!).

This lighting fixture needs to go!

Onward to the bedroom.  This is if you were in the opposite corner to the doorway.

From the corner just to the west of the one above you can see the closet and the light from the window.

And looking from the closet area back into the room.  There’s not really much to see there yet.

Since we’re right next to the closet, I may as well show a few of those as well.  Nothing really that special, except for the nice closet system already built in.

Two more of the closet.

A couple of the utility closet that we skipped over.

And a closeup of the molding that goes around the ceiling of the whole condo.

I think that’s about it.  I hope that appeases everyone 🙂

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  1. Your floor looks absolutely fantastic.  I also like the crown molding.  It’s interesting how well all of the fixtures in the apartment fit together, with the exception of that light fixture in the bathroom!

  2. Yeah, not sure who thought that was a good idea, but oh well, that’s easily replaced.  I really like that they used recessed lighting in the living room and kitchen, except for the one fixture in the kitchen.  The bedroom ones aren’t that bad either (hard to tell from the pics).
    I’d like to put a couple of lower lights over the eating area though on it’s own dimmer switch.  But, that’s again further down the list of things to do.
    I also forgot to mention that the heating and AC unit are in the ceiling of the utility closet which is pretty cool.  The water heater is in the basement, along with everyone elses which also saves space.  Plus I have a storage unit down in the basement also.

  3. Looks Great Aaron.  Cherry floors are awesome. They are pretty much indestructable as well. (this statement provided with no warranty expressed or implied).  Where does the chinese basket go?

  4. very nice!  glad to see that it appears to have gotten all done with little delay.

  5. Eric says “grats”.  And I say, “I want a jacuzzi tub”.  Very nice.  We’ll be looking for our house warming invite.  Would it be weird if I got in the tub at your house warming?  Alone?

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