Did Everything Die Today?

BLEH. Somedays I really hate being a “computer guy.” Well, actually, it wasn’t just a day, it’s been the last 4 days. As you can see, rebelpeon.com is finally back up (entirely). That’s about the first time since, what, Saturday? Let’s just say, it was going smooth until I started moving stuff back to my main server. DNS can be one of the nastiest things around. Then again, so can microsoft’s software. Between all the errors that had no solution and just crappiness all around, I stayed up way to late the last 3 nights pulling my hair out. Needless to say, it’s working now. By doing this, though, I’ve essentially started from scratch on my server without having to destroy my active directory domain. By not destroying it and starting over, I saved myself a lot more nightmares. I’ve also setup mysql and movabletype on the rebuilt server. This will allow a “real” comments section, and by having the blog database driven, I can have searching, a true archive, etc. I just need to muck around with the templates more to get everything the way I want it. Hopefully the new site will go live this weekend, but I make no promises 🙂

This weekend was our first actually snow fall of the year. I definitely wasn’t missing the lack of snow, that’s for sure. The people driving, the plows that don’t come out till its finished snowing, the car covered in salt, the people driving (oops, did I already say that?), etc. Plus, it’s decided to go from decently chilly out, to down right cold. I’m not a fan.

Today work was, well, interesting. Let’s start with last night, shall we? Well, last night I was talking to a guy that works for us (soon to be located at aaronbinford.com), and I noticed that our, the university’s, exchange server was down. No big deal, maybe they were doing patches etc. This was at 11. At around 1 when I stopped trying to fix my stupid servers, I noticed that it was still down. Oh well, didn’t really think anything of it…that is till this morning, when I arrived at the office to find that exchange was still down. Well, needless to say, we had about 4 phonecalls when I first got in. However, there’s absolutely nothing we can do, because we (at DIA) aren’t in charge of the exchange server. Well, the server stayed down the whole day (actually, it’s still down as I type this). Apparantly 3 harddrives failed last night, taking down most of the mailboxes with it. A 500GB restore from tape can take awhile. PLUS, we just implemented a new Point of Sale (POS) system at the Armory track and Atkins Tennis Center. Well, the software that was purchased had no way of differentiating between the stuff inputted in at the Armory as opposed to Atkins (or at least the users were trained on how to do that). So, the person in charge of the Armory, for whatever reason, started deleting records out of the database. Needless to say, he was on crack and started deleting everything, including the stuff from Atkins. Well, then later, after we told him what he had done, he apparantly did it again!!! Thankfully we had some of the stuff from tape backups (backups that had just started running last night). Let’s say that it didn’t surprise me what this particular user at the Armory did. *sigh*

Off to work on the new website templates…

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