It Lives!

The latest incarnation of has hit the streets.  Time to eat it up!  With this new iteration, we have searching, rss, comments, a real archive, etc.  There are just too many features to list here.  Lets just say this “little” upgrade will make me a lot more motivated to update the website.  Just being able to update it anywhere that I can access a web browser, makes me drool with anticipation.  I even have all the archives from the old (hand-done) way of doin it in the system.  Just remember kids, databases are your friend!

Holy crap, it’s late though, and I’ve been working on this WAY to much in the last week.  I’ll post a better update on everything tomorrow (after some sleep).

Weee…It’s done.

***Currently Listening To: Frank Sinatra – Duets II How can you go wrong with Sinatra?  I mean, he’s singing with other people, so that just adds to it.  Good quality listening enjoyment.