EOH & Vacuuming

So, today was a productive day.  I went and worked out from 10-noon, then came home and showered.  I then headed Engineering Open House (EOH).  Now, both my junior and senior year I was involved in EOH (I wasn’t in the engineering school for my freshman and sophomore years).  At the time, I thought EOH was pretty dumb, but a great reason to get out of classes.  However, now that I’m not (required) to have a project on display at the MatSE  building.  It’s great the projects that the students do, eventhough they don’t necissarily think they’re that great.  I have fond memories of coming up with something the night before.  However, the looks on the kids, hell and even the parents, is great.  It is probably one of the best teach someone.  All these displays on things that most, normal, people have never even heard of is fascinating.  And talk about a great day to have it too, eh?  I mean, perfectly clear, barely any wind, and somewhere near 60 degrees. 

So, after that I went out to Meijer to get a few personal hygeine products: toothpaste and deoderant.  While I was up that way, I swung into Best Buy and bought the new-ish Bonnaroo CD.  I definitely like it a lot better than the 2002 CD.  I enjoy the bands that they had in 2003 more I do believe.  I walked out of Best Buy with it for $10, since I had a gift certificate from when I purchased TurboTax there.  Then, I went and got my car washed because it needed it incredibly badly. 

Came home, had a snack, ripped the CD to MP3, got it streaming to the xbox, then started cleaning the house.  Now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the dyson vacuum commercials by now.  You know, the one with the black background, with just the guy talking about how he hates all vacuums because they loose suction.  So, I started vacuuming, and I remember how much my vacuum sucks (no pun intended).  Tempted to just run back out to Best Buy and check out one of his vacuums, instead I (being an engineer) rip apart mine.  Now, if you’ve ever ripped apart a vacuum, no matter how little “ripping” may be to you, it creates a mess.  Well, I didn’t actually take the whole thing apart, this time (don’t ask).  Instead, I did exactly what Dyson does in the commercial; I open up my bagless vacuum, and check out the filter.  “Holy shit,” I think to myself.  The filter is caked in dust/dirt.  I start thinking about it, and I can’t remember ever cleaning the filter.  So, I take it out and start banging it on the outside of my apt.  Well, it seems to be working half way decent, only large chunks are falling off the filter, and much of it remained on the filter.  And of course, there’s a bunch of small little groves in the filter that are hoplessly clogged.  Drastic measure call for drastic actions.  I go grab the knife and begin scraping it off.  I swear I scrapped off at least 3-5 lbs of dust.  I had a huge pile of the finest, non-man made silt I think I’ve ever seen (think of brownie mix, and then reduce the particle size by five times).  So, I put everything back together (and being the good engineer that I am, everything went back together with no missing or spare peices), and start vacuuming the room over again.  I was disgusting the amount of dirt I collected after I had already vacuumed it once.  So, I had to clean off the ottoman that the cat likes to sleep on, so I whip out the attachment, and I almost lose a finger because of how powerful the vacuum is.  Never, ever, has it been able to suck my hand against the tube.  Now, it hurts if I put my hand over it and it grabs hold.

So, now that I sit here after vacuuming the apt, the best it’s ever been, I want to thank Mr. Dyson for reminding me to clean my filter, and not go out and buy one of his vacuums.  So, for those of you that haven’t cleaned your vacuum filter lately, do it.  Even if your vacuum preforms to your expectations, clean it, and be amazed!

On another note, those of you that have a website with me, you should be receiving an email from me in the near future about a new feature.

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