MS Certification

So, today was my first MS Cert test.  I went in feeling pretty comfortable about it.  I mean, it was test 70-290 (Managing and Maintaining a Windows 2003 Server Environment).  I do this both at work and at home.  I even read the MS Press book cover to cover, and took notes on it.  I did fine with all the questions that were in the book, and the questions that I found online (forgot that the books I got had a CD with extra tests on it).  Needless to say, I figured I wouldn’t have too much of a problem.  Well, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I failed the test.  To pass, you’re required to get a 700, I got a 689. 

Now, after taking the test, I realize how retarded these tests really are.  Now, all the tests I’ve ever taken usually make sure you know the general stuff.  Well, wouldn’t that make sense, to actually test you on the stuff you’re supposed to know?  Well, not according to MS.  Apparantly you’re supposed to know the stuff that isn’t included in any of their material, and the most obscure crap.  No wonder they’ve had such a hard time with websites such as BrainDumps.  Well, the say I see it, is memorizing the answers (ala braindumps) is worse than wasting the $125 by failing it.  This whole experience has definitely been a turn off to getting an MCSE.  I still want to read all the material, and know the material.  I just don’t think I’m a good enough guesser for passing MS tests, because that’s what it boils down to. 

After takin the test, it really makes me worried about the types of places that always say that MCSA/E is required.  Very worried…

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