Fun Road

Since I’ve been spending so much time up at Belmont and Lincoln, I’ve been trying to find new ways to get from here to there.  I think I’ve found the jackpot too: Elston.  Everytime I’ve been on the road there’s been nobody on it, and it’s got slight bends in it that actually make it fun too.

What’s pathetic though, is I basically found it by accident.  One day when I was heading up that way, I took Ogden to Milwaukee, and was planning on taking Milwaukee to Ashland.  However, Milwaukee was closed (or at least that what it said, it was actually open) right after Elston, so I hopped on it instead.

Heading from Belmont South, I take Ashland to Elston, then Milwaukee, Racine, Grand, and I’m home (sorry I can’t show you a map of it, talk about a missing feature on mapquest and google maps).  What’s makes it even better is that the lights seemed to be timed just right so if you go 40-45 the whole way, you’ll make every green light.  Nice!

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