New Domain

Well, I’ve got it in my mind that I want to redo my website (again).  It’s been awhile, and well, I just feel like it needs a bit of a refresh.  And hey, it’s been awhile.  So, I’ve been freshening up on some CSS, so that I can do it right.  I’m probably going to keep the graphics down to a minimum, like it currently is, just to keep load times, but at the same point, I really like some of designs at CSS Zen Webgarden. 

Anyways, I also want to break the photos off this site and create a new one.  Something similar to Chromasia, or G8, or Staring at the Sun.  Basically, since I’ve been getting better, I want someplace to showcase the best of the best. 

Really, what it comes down to, is that I need something even more to do, right…

So, I’ve registered in addition to  However, now I have the dilemma of which site should go where.  I can come up for pros and cons of both.  What are all your thoughts?  Currently they both point here.


  1. That’s an extremely good question. Does rebelpeon honestly fit anything here anymore? (shrugs)
    Rebelpeon might be a good place for the pictures, with aaronspruit just being the blog… (shrugs)

  2. See, that’s what I was originally thinking.  However, I’ve got 3 years worth of posts that are linked to from google and stuff.  I will definitely have to do the transfer slowly.  Plus, all the people that currently associate this site to a blog will need to be “re-educated”. 
    It’s a tough decision, and I’m still tossing back and forth which should go where.  Currently I just have them both pointed here.
    It would be quite a bit easier to just start as the photoblog and be done with it, but it’d also be nice to have the real blog reference me.
    ugh, decisions.

  3. Jessica and I have been talking about starting an online place for us. It’d give me a chance to do some good with my knowledge for something she’d like… (shrugs)
    The only remaing question would be the domain 😉 anyone? 😉

  4. a popular one is the<lastname>.com or something along those lines.  I think it’s a good idea.  Someplace where you both can throw up pictures, etc.  For some reason, I could see her being uncomfortable with your current site.

  5. I’d stick with . It’s a brand name that everyone who knows you associates with you.

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