Gallery Updates

I’ve finally gotten around to actually uploading the last 5 weeks worth of pictures from class.  The pathetic part is that most of them aren’t even that many pictures.  However, I have changed a few things.  Instead of uploading every picture, just as it is out of the camera, I’m instead uploading proof sheets and then any of the pictures I really like after manipulation. 

I figure, since I’m getting a lot better, I don’t really want to throw up every shot anymore.  Plus, manipulating ever shot in photoshop takes awhile, so selecting a few will be a lot better.  The proof sheet will give others what exactly is going on with each of my shoots too.  Plus, if there’s anything you want, that I didn’t throw up in individual form, just drop me a line with the category and picture number, and I can email it to you, fixed or not.


  1. I’ve been impressed with the increase in quality with your photos over time.  You are definitely getting something out of that class, if only the fact that it is making you practice at taking more pictures.

  2. Yeah, you’re actually not the first person to say that.  I think it’s a lot of both actually.  The class, especially the one I’m in right now, is a lot more technical than the last one, and I really feel like I’ve learned a lot more. 
    However, I also feel a lot more comfortable with the camera, which allows me to play with it a lot more and be more creative.  Whereas before, I was just hoping to get everything to work.

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