Greatest Civilization

Between todays post over at Office Jabber and the election going on, it really got me thinking how we as a people managed to make it this far.  Now, I’m sure you can figure how the Office Jabber post fits in to this topic, but you may be wondering about the election.  Well, I guess it’s because this is the first year I’ve actually voted in a booth.  The last election I was in school so I did an absentee ballot.  However, after actually going in and punching the card, I really have to ask myself, “How did all those people in FL have such a hard time?”  I mean, seriously, you go to where the arrow is and you put the puncher in the hole.  If people really can’t handle this, how are they functioning in their daily life?

So, both of these events got me wondering how in the world have we gotten where we have?  Is it just because we’ve been relying on the great people to further us, or has it really been a group effort?  I mean, common sense and knowledge isn’t even common anymore (or was it ever?). 

Bah, oh well, maybe it’s just me?

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