Illinois-Indiana Loop

It all started Friday after work (I actually left work late, which I didn’t want to do).  I got home, packed a bag with two days worth of clothes, filled up the water bottle, swung by the Speedway, and hit the road.  First stop was Chicago.

I needed to go there because my suit, which I had previously picked out, finally had arrived and I needed to get it fitted.  So, I had given Ann a call a few days back and said that I was going to be up in the area, and if she was up to anything and if I could crash on her couch Friday night.  Amazingly, it took me exactly two hours to get to her place, just north of downtown.  We then hung out a bit, and then hit a dive bar with her roommate and her boyfriend.  The next morning Ann and I headed out to Schaumburg so I could try on my suit.  While we were out there, we were going to stop by Ikea so she could look for a bed (currently she uses an inflatable twin size mattress).  The suit fitting was good, but the pants were way too huge, so they’re going to have to remove material.  This means another trip to get the pant length altered.  Oh well, not a problem.  However, I was overcharged $100 on the suit.  I still need to call back up there and get that resolved.  We then hit Ikea.  Oh, Ikea.  Talk about the worst place to be on a Saturday in Schaumburg.  Anyways, they didn’t have the bed frame she wanted in stock.  We couldn’t have fit it in her car anyways, and shipping was $100, ouch.

Overall, the trip to Schaumburg, total bust.  We went back to her place, I got all my stuff together, and then it was off to Fort Wayne, IN.

According to Michael, I got there “too early.”  The whole reason I was going to Fort Wayne was because of his engagement party, but that didn’t start until 8pm, and I had arrived at 5:30.  Well, this got me an invite to the dinner where Michael’s and his fianc

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