Hidden Peaks

On Monday I swung by Hidden Peaks and climbed for a few hours.  Now, the pictures that I pointed out in the last entry are a little misleading.  It appears much larger than it really is.  In fact, it’s essentially just a bouldering cave.  I’m not sure how sold I am on it, since there’s no place to really traverse, but it’s better than nothing as of right now. 

Also, most of the routes are hard, really hard.  There are very few V0s and V1s, and those are on the 45 degree wall.  I suppose it’ll get me strong in a hurry though.  The only downside, though, is that I’ll end up being a 4-5 move person, and so it will make actual wall climbing that much harder.

Ugh, decisions, decisions, decisions.

Oh, and I ripped up my hand pretty good when I went too.  I can tell that I haven’t done any hard climbing in awhile because the pads on my fingers definitely don’t have the calluses they used to.