VLAN Trunking with Virtual Server 2005

Getting VLAN trunking working on a Virtual Server 2005 host with Intel NICs can be problematic if done on host that already has Virtual Server installed.  The problem arises with the Virtual Machine Network Services that is installed on each NIC.  In order to get everything working, make sure you have the latest Intel Drivers and that you uncheck “Virtual Machine Network Services” under the NIC properties.  You can then add your VLANs that you want trunked to the card under the NIC’s properties.  The new VLANs will then appear as separate Network Connections, and each of the new Network Connections will have the Virtual Machine Network Services installed and checked.

Now, if you don’t uncheck the “Virtual Machine Network Services”, after you add the VLANs to the NIC properties, nothing shows up.  Talk about wasting a lot of time.  Also, all of this should be done from the console session, otherwise you may or may not see the tab on the NIC properties to add VLANs.

I hope this helps someone else out there, because there was a lot of time wasted on this here.