Holy Downtime Batman

Wow, so some of you may have noticed that the website (and affiliated sites) have been up, down, and all around this week.  I wish I could say that it wasn’t entirely my fault, but, well, actually lets say that.  Monday and Tuesday it was down in the mornings because the backups that were running at night were hanging the server.  Why, I couldn’t tell you, but it was.  I thought I had it all fixed last night, then this morning I go into work and it was down again.  This time I knew it wasn’t the backups because I didn’t have them run last night.  So, I waste my lunch running home and seeing what’s going on.  Turns out the power flicked off and screwed up the router so it was hanging on limbo.  I thought I had gotten everything taken care of and then went back to work.  Of course, I get to work, and sure enough, still doesn’t work.  Arg.  Turns out my IP address changed and my program that checks my IP and auto-updates Zone Edit had the old password instead of the new one.  So, of course it couldn’t update my name servers.

Talk about a comedy of errors.  It actually got so bad that my dad emailed me and asked why my site had been down.  I’m actually working on fixing a few things this weekend that will, hopefully, keep a lot of these problems from happening.  We’ll see how that goes though.  Playing with virtual machines makes things so much more fun and interesting, being that I only have one machine here to play with.