It’s been awhile since I’ve talked about Biodiesel, so I think now is a good time.  Anyways, the pursuit of making biodiesel has taken a back seat lately because of the lack of space in my apartment.  Plus, there’s the fact that the neighbors may think I’m making a meth lab or something. 

However, this weekend Maria “Mark” Alovert came through town, and I couldn’t say no.  So yesterday, I headed over to a fellow biodiesel enthusiasts house and had the class.  A lot of it was basically a review of what I already new.  Yet, we actually made some biodiesel, and she went through a bunch of tests that we should run on our own batches.

Damn, it was almost too easy.  I can’t believe I was actually waiting to make it.  Now, since it’s gotten colder, I’m probably going to start making smaller batches until I get it down to a sience, then start blending it in with regular diesel.  I figure any little bit will help, and this way I’ll be all set for when I setup my own large processor.

It’ll be nice, someday, to not have to pay $2+ a gallon, and superior fuel.