Fall Days

What wonderful weather we’ve been having.  Rainy, windy, cold.  Talk about a typical fall day where you just want to curl up next to the fire with a bowl of chili.  It’s quite funny walking around campus because you still see the people wearing shorts and tshirts.  It’s as though their mommies had to remind them to take a coat with them when it started to get chilly, and now that they’re here, they simply don’t.  Walking up and down the Quad watching them shiver always makes me chuckle on the inside.

The nice thing about these kinds of days, though, is that I can use my heated seats.  It’s great, because my car takes forever to heat up.  Since it’s a diesel, I simply can’t let it idle for a bit to warm up.  Now, since I’ve been parking aways from where my office is, I’ve been putting my coat on the passenger seat and turning on the seat warmer.  Then it feels like my coat just came out of the drier when I put it on.  Makes the walk much more enjoyable.  Now, if only they’d add a heating coil to the steering wheel.

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