Fire Sale

Much like Aaron Binford did with his CDs, I’m selling mine on  Since I’ve been using my Thank You Rewards to buy CDs, I’ve essentially been getting them free.

Now, selling CDs in and of itself isn’t normally a big deal, and there’s no way I’d be posting about it.  However, I have one cd that is apparantly quite collectable.  It appears as if my Tool – Salival box set isn’t being sold anymore, and people are marking them up slightly.  Hopefully it’ll sell!

Oh yeah, for things like this, I highly recommend using  They do take a little more out for them, but you get reimbursed for shipping and you get a ton of views.  I mean, not 10 minutes after I posted an item, it was sold.  There’s $90 in my pocket.  Plus, I undercut everyone else selling, so that may help too 🙂

Alright, someone actually bought the Salival CD for $90.  Talk about a sucker.  Man, there sure are moron’s out there.

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