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Well, after playing the piano and a few other instruments, I’ve decided to finally learn how to play guitar.  This was actually spurred on by my boss.  The other day we were out eating lunch, and he asked me if I played.  I told him that I didn’t, but it has always been on my “to do” list.  Well, I need a good release lately, so I’ve decided a good time is now.  However, that still requires me to actually aquire a guitar.  I was talking to Aaron about guitars the other day, and he pointed out the Takamine GS330S.  To me, it’s all foreign, but through the reviews, it appears to be a good guitar.

So, Colleen and I went out to lunch the other day, and I mentioned that I was looking at getting a guitar.  Well, she has a guitar and it’s just sitting at her Mom or Dad’s place, so she offered to sell it.  It’s quite tempting, but like I said earlier, it depends on how much since I have no idea the difference between guitar A and guitar B.  Granted, this isn’t like me to not know the differences between something I’m going to buy.  I just really don’t have the time to actually find out the main differences, plus I’m just learning, so the best doesn’t really matter.  Just get me something I can play and I’ll be a happy camper.

Hopefully I get one or the other soon, since this phase my move out quickly.

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