Kitchen Counters

Here at my apartment, we have black granite counter tops.  When I get my own place about a year from now, I will not be getting black granite counter tops. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, they look absolutely gorgeous.  Well, at least right after you’ve cleaned them extensively.  After that, they look absolutely horrible.  The black color, much like with any other thing black, shows dirty very easily.  It’s not even dirt either, if theres spot that’s not as polished, it’s very visible.

And streaks, don’t even get me started on streaks.  You have to make sure that you towel dry them thoroughly, otherwise it’s streaks-a-plenty. 

However, I love the granite countertops.  Just not black.

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  1. I have a black stove and dishwasher and have the same problems with them… but black is just so tempting in the showroom!
    What color are you thinking of for your own countertops?

  2. For appliances, I’ve been very happy with stainless steel.  We put in a stainless steel fridge when we moved to Paxton and a SS dishwasher in when it needed to be replaced.  As for countertops, I’m with you on the black.  It’s just too hard to keep looking clean.

  3. I also have a stainless steel range.  It’s nice, and easy to cleanup, but whoever lived there before us went a little rough with it, which is unfortunate.  There are rough scratches in it, from probably steel wool, or a harsh abrasive.
    I’m actually glad that our fridge isn’t stainless steel though, because stainless is also a pain in the butt to keep looking nice.  Finger prints on the fridge, I think, would start to drive me nuts, along with the streaks.

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