Links 3/30

  • Celebrity Drunk Driving Defence

    One of the most notorious drunk drivers in the Ottawa area has been found not criminally responsible on his latest impaired driving charges because of a mental disorder that makes him believe female celebrities are controlling his actions.

  • Fantasy Portfolio Challenge—Looks like a good way to win a ‘06 Maserati GranSport, without even having to pay the taxes!
  • Conan O’Brien in Chicago—As seen on Travis’ site.
  • Indiana Joins the Rest of the Nation (Minus Arizona) on Daylight Savings Time—After reading that, I’m so glad I don’t work in education anymore.  These schmoes have had a year to plan for this, and it sounds like they haven’t done squat, which would coincide with exactly what I saw while in the education sector.  And then, to top it off, they take the time to complain about it to the news instead of fixing the problem.

    But IT staff at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, fear the change will create complications galore.
    “This is like Y2K except this one is really happening,” said university IT spokesman Steve Tally.

  • Original Scans vs. Photoshop Version