Chewing with your mouth open and/or making a smacking noise while eating.  I don’t know why, but this has got to be one of the worst things evar.  What drives all of you up the wall?

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  1. Ooh, that’s at the top of my list too.  The only thing worse is when an entire family does it, because you know those kids are never going to know any better.

  2. I hired on a new student worker a few weeks back. I had some gum laying about and he liked it, well he’d chomp on the gum while peaking over my shoulder while I was showing him stuff. A whole week went by before I finally snapped.

  3. The same thing happened here with this same person.  He got ahold of some gum, and unfortunately he went about munching on it the same way.  I was about to just take the rest of it away from him.  I don’t think I was the only person to notice though, since everybody kept asking him for a piece of gum to make it go away quicker.

  4. I put a stop to it by saying don’t touch my gum anymore. It was a gift so I could manage to be like “Naw, you are eating all my gum…”. He brought his own the next day, only escalating the problem. However a rather vicious co-worker took it upon himself to yell at him. Being a student worker and all, and the co-worker being a dickhead anyways, prevented anything bad from happening because of that situation.  He no longer chews gum. But when he eats lunch in the office I want to stab him. With my blackberry.

  5. I once worked for a CEO who picked his nose publicly, even while talking to people. No one, including me, ever said anything to him about it.
    My breaking point came when he and I and a programmer were brainstorming on a project at 3am. We were all pretty animated while discussing the project—suddenly the CEO started flossing his teeth. I tried to give every clue I could that I was uncomfortable, but he was oblivious (obviously, or he wouldn’t have done it in the first place).
    At one point, he left the floss hanging from 2 teeth so he could gesture while making a point. That was really my limit. Paycheck be damned, I stopped him mid-sentence and said, “Stephen, I can’t listen to you with a string hanging from your mouth.” He stopped.
    A few months later I was out starting my own business.

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