More Downtime

I doubt any of you can read this as I’m posting it because Insight seems to be having a few problems.  As of right now, I can ping their gateway, but that’s about it.  I can’t even hit their dhcp server, nor dns servers.  Therefore, I can’t get anywhere out on the internet.  Hopefully they have this fixed soon.  I haven’t called in yet, but I most likely will.  I don’t even know if others can see my website or not because I can’t get out to see in. 

Then there was the problems yesterday.  Well, I tried to get on my wireless connection yesterday but neither of my laptops were able to find it.  Now, usually what happens is that the laptops find the wireless connections, but can’t get on the internet (just local traffic).  However, yesterday, they weren’t even able to connect wirelessly to anything.  So, I soft restarted my router from the web interface, and still nothing.  I enabled SSID broadcasting, still nothing.  I hard restarted it and that’s where everything went badly.  After I hard restarted it, it started restarting itself every minute or so.  Now, I couldn’t log in nor get on the internet from any of my wired computers either.  I looked at the router, and noticed that the power, status, and wan lights were amber instead of green.  Well, that’s when James came over and we all headed to Upper Limits.  So, it sat like that until I got home at 6ish.  I then setup my server to act as a router.  It was working fine last night…and now it’s not again.  Grrr

**Update**  All is fixed.  Network connection has been restored.