Awww yeah, that’s right, I went to Prince last night at the Assembly Hall.  Now, I know you’re all thinking, “Why would he spend $50/ticket to go?”  All I have to say is that I got my 6 tickets for free from work.  Apparantly the show wasn’t sold out, so the athletics dept got a huge stack of tickets.  It was actually pretty fun too.  The short man really put on a show.  I don’t think the audio was setup properly, but that could be because of where our seats were.  We were in the nosebleed section, C26, row 13.  Colleen and I went, and then she invited a couple of her friends.  I tried to get Bree to go, but apparantly she’s too good for that kind of thing.

He invited people up on stage with him near the end to dance, and a few got to sing a few lines.  Talk about a once in a lifetime experience for those people.  The lighting was pretty good, but the sound, well, like I said earlier, wasn’t right where we were sitting.  The bass was turned up WAY to far.  The low rumble made it hard, if not impossible to hear him singing.  Also, as with the case with all concerts, it was too loud.  I wish artists and concert directors would get that through their heads.  Louder does not equal better.  Oh well, like I said, still a good time.