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As you can see from my gamertag below, I’ve definitely been playing with the Xbox360 more and more.  Unfortunately, that’s only really been from two games, PGR3 and CoD2.  I haven’t even started in on NFS:MW, which looks crazy fun from what I’ve seen Aaron play.  It’s crazy, there are days that I really want to just sit down and play, but when I actually can, there really isn’t enough time.  Between work, working out, Erin, and Everything Else™, I can’t say I have that much time to just play.  However, I am on the last section of CoD2, which means that if I ever finish it, my gamerscore should increase quite a bit (I’m playing it on Veteran, the hardest difficulty, the first time through).  Plus I just purchased a 12 (+ 1) month subscription to Live!, so I can play online, which when I actually did it in PGR3, was quite fun.  And then there’s more cool games that are coming out, like Alan Wake, Burnout Revenge (granted it is just a re-release), and others.

Oh yeah, and the D-Day invasion on Veteran mode, is, well, frickin’ hard.

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  1. yeah, i know the feeling… tag score will jump if i ever get to season 30 in madden, and then i’ll finally move on to CoD2.  maybe someday i’ll get to PDZero 🙂

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