Self Signed SSL Certs

I’ve always hated creating self-signed SSL certs.  It never seemed like there was a good and easy way to accomplish this.  Yes, you could download the II6 Resource Kit, but that’s just one more thing I don’t need on my machine.

Well, in IIS7, there is actually an option to automatically create one.  Technet has a good walkthrough of it.  However, there are some limitations:

  • The common name is always the machine name of your IIS server.
  • The certificate is only valid for one week.
  • The certificate is not added to the “Trusted Root Certificate Authorities” of any browser.

Thankfully a remake of SelfSSL was created for IIS7 and it is more powerful, and easier to use.   Take a look at Thomas Deml’s post on it to see the syntax and download the program.  I’ve also uploaded it here, just in case anything happens to that site.


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