Last night was our first, what I’d call, large, snowfalll of the season.  It looks as if we got around 6” or more.  What made it funny was that it started before close of business, and by the time 5PM rolled around, there was probably a couple of inches or so.  I’m just glad that I didn’t have to drive anywhere last night.  I leasurely walked to the Blue Line, and then walked from my stop to my apt.  It probably took me about 5 minutes longer than normal, just because of having to walk in the snow.  However, as I walked over 90/94, traffic was stopped.  The freeway then remained a parking lot until after midnight.  It took Erin 45 minutes to go about 10 miles last night after class.  Good thing I sat at home and played CoD2 and PGR3 all night with Binford.  :cheese:

In fact, last night was the first time we tried out Live.  Unfortunately you can’t have two players signed into one Xbox360 and play, but we did have a lot of fun trading off the controller.  Overall quite fun, we both sucked, but enjoyable none-the-less.

Oh yeah, and one more thing.  Be sure to check out my updated Live stats with my Gamercard over there on the right.  We didn’t know that we could both have an account on one box, so we had been using Binford’s, hence why I have about nothing.

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