Turkey Day

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving yesterday. I know I did; ate way too much, that’s for sure. Erin and I made the trek up to Detroit to enjoy the holiday weekend with my parents. All in all quite good, well, except for the snow, but that’s to be expected since we are up in MI.

Last night we went to the sold out Pistons vs Wizards game at the Palace of Auburn Hills. My Dad got free tickets from work, so the four of us (Brother, Dad, Erin, and myself) headed out. My Dad thought that the tickets were for the same section as the fight that happened last season, but the row was AA (section 115), so we figured we’d be 27 rows up from the floor. Turns out that the first seven rows are AA -GG because they aren’t permanent seats. We ended up being right behind the Piston’s bench. It was crazy. And the game went to two overtimes, granted the Pistons ended up losing. We definitely got our money’s worth though, oh wait…

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  1. sounds like fun.  as much a i don’t tend to mind sitting anywhere at a live sporting event, being up close is a much more immersive experience than the nosebleed seats.  good times.

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