Well, I finally got around to buying TurboTax and doing my taxes.  I’m glad I did, since I’m getting back something like $750.  I can’t complain about that.  I also did Colleen’s and she’ll be more than happy with as much as she’s getting back.  A whopping $840.  Both of us are getting back $60 from the state too.  I’m definitely taking my money and sticking it into either my Life Insurance plan, or into my savings account.  I’m gonna need money for a down payment on a house, and this will help.  I just can’t believe how much Cunningham had her overpaying.  Maybe it’s because she wasn’t working there for the full year, but who knows.  I mean, she’s getting back 6% of what she made last year.  I just can’t believe how easy it is to do a return through the software solutions now.  It’s just crazy.  I did mine in like 20 minutes, and her’s didn’t take much more than that (I did it 2x because it seemed like she was getting an awful lot back).  I suppose it also helps that we have like no deductions.  Next years tax time will be a little different though.  Especially since I’m planning on getting a house, and we have a lot of clothes to give to goodwill (well, it should’ve been included this time, but I totally forgot we had stuff), etc.  Good times.  I can never complain about getting my hard earned monies back.

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