Xmas, in February?!

Well, yesterday I got my center channel and rears from the ebay auction.  Weehaw, now I’m just waiting on 200’ of 12 guage speaker wire that I ordered from partsexpress.  Apparantly it shipped today, and since they’re only in OH, I figure it may be here tomorrow or Wednesday.  I also recieved my valentines day gift today (a little late, but I’ll forgive you Colleen).  I ended up getting an Arc’teryx RT 45.  I’m definitely glad I went with the bigger size, because the bag doesn’t poof out that much, so there isn’t that much space.  It will work great as a day pack when I start heading down South in the spring though.  Plus, it’s waterproof, which I like a lot.  It’s going to be fun getting gear to fill it 🙂

I’ve been going to the gym and climbing regularily, which I love.  It actually hurts to type on the keyboard right now because I just got back from the climbing gym not more than an hour ago.  One of the guy’s that works there, Arie, really likes to try and kill me.  I guess it’s my own fault though, since I try to keep up.  I sometimes scare myself on what I can keep up with though.

Yesterday I went to the fitness center and did my usual routine.  Yesterday happened to be the midarms, legs and abs day.  Needless to say the Jacks pizza I had before I left didn’t sit with me too well.  I definitely think it’s because of the abs workout.  I hate feeling nauseated while not at home.  Well, at least I made it home before worshipping the porcelain god.  It was definitely one of those times where I knew I didn’t have the flu or anything, because as soon as it was over, I felt fine.  Needless to say, when I went climbing today, I didn’t eat anything before hand 🙂

Ack, I hate getting sick like that.  I hate the way it feels like I have a sore throat afterwards.  The scratchiness causes my mouth to salivate more than normal, and I just hate it.  I guess I’d never be a good bulimic, or is it anorexic, or both.  I always forget.

Anyways, my fingers are really getting sensitive, so I’m going to eat ice cream or something.