Lately Aaron and I have bought a lot of things for the apt and stuff, and since we’re geeks, they have mostly been online.  Not that that is a problem or anything, but shipping has given us nightmares (him more than me).  Thankfully I haven’t had nearly the headaches that he has (Aaron, if you’re reading this, you really need to write an entry about your tales).  Also, it just seems to happen with one shipper, UPS.

Well, anyways, I had multiple things shipped to my apt.  Oil and oil filter, fuel filter system, and xbox wireless controllers.  I never got a tracking number from any of the above, so I waited patiently.  Never was a tag put on our door for me.  Instead, Aaron got one, so he had stuff redirected to my office (changed the name to me, so the receptionist would know who they’re for).  Turns out that they just lumped both of our stuff on the same delivery notification, since my oil and fuel stuff got sent there too.  Not a big deal, but strange.

Now, I haven’t received my wireless controllers yet, so I sent the company an email.  They told me that they were being returned, since it had sat at the UPS office for 7 or so days.  Thankfully they are nice, and are sending me two more via USPS to my office.  As you can see from the screenshot of UPS’s website, apparently I called in, not once, but twice.  I wonder who this person was, but it definitely wasn’t me. 

Oh well, I guess it’s all worked out now, but I’m definitely sending everything to the office from now on.  That’s for sure

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