We’re Back (Again)

Wow, another long hiatus, but we seemed to have weathered the storm.  There were many reasons for the downtime including a failed hard drive, crappy Intel NICs that actually had the RJ-45 jack come unsoldered, figuring out the layout at the compound, and me just being busy with other things.

However, we’ve come back better than ever.  We’re currently rocking ExpressionEngine 1.3 , plus the backend, if not super fast, is crazy cool.  I’m currently divided up all backend resources to it’s own virtual server.  This allows me to play with one server, without, necessarily, effecting all the others.  Granted, that doesn’t really happen, since many servers are tied together (web server is tied to active directory server and SQL server), but it greatly helps.  Plus, this way I can have a sandpit for me to test new, emerging technologies without having to take down everything when something goes wrong. 

I should be able to keep uptime back up to where it was before moving, but I already know of at least one downtime in the near future.  The server is physically moving within the apartment once the necessary equipment arrives.  This shouldn’t take very long, but then again, neither should the last few things I have done.


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