I really enjoy having plants in my apartment.  However, I can never seem to keep them alive for very long.  It’s not that I don’t want to, or that I purposefully forget, it’s just that life is busy, and the first thing on my mind is not watering them.  Unfortunately, the only time I really remember is when they start to look like then need some TLC.  Thankfully, the plants, I have now seem to be able to bounce back from that, but it definitely limits what I can keep.

Oh, and the lighting in our apartment is either non-existant, or it’s brutally hot.  I wish I could find something to put in the kitchen window sills, but everything I’ve tried with so far has, essentially, been fried.

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  1. have you considered putting some type of lighter material (i.e. Cork flooring) on the window sills in the kitchen so that the hot black granite isn’t in direct contact with the bottom of the plant? Just a thought 🙂

  2. I keep philodendrons because of their resiliancy.  In fact, I still have the one I bought for Ann freshman year that she left in her dorm over christmas break!  I’d also recommend an orchid.  The kind I have only needs watering once every two weeks, although mine currently doesn’t have any buds on it. . .  :question:

  3. The problem with orchids is that they are very finicky.  If they don’t get watered how they like, or the correct amount of sun, they’ll never re-bloom.

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