Weekend Update

Ok, well, actually this isn’t just a weekend update, but more of a collective update covering the last week and a half.  It seems as if many things have been going on, at least bigger things.  Unfortunately, many of the people that read this already know about them.  However, since this is sort of my personal diary, I thought I’d post anyways.

First news on the plate is that I’ve met someone.  The bad news, is that she’s in Chicago.  She’s actually a friend of Bree’s.  They go to school together.  However, I’m not gonna go giving Bree a bunch of credit, since I believe she’s the one that said something to the extent of, “I introduced you, that’s all I’m gonna do.”  Granted, it seems to have worked, since I’ve been up there the last 2 weekends hanging out with her. 

Since I’m up in Chicago so much, and, well, because I think I’ll be up there a lot more, I decided to break down and buy an I-Pass.  I’ve been up there at least the las 4 weekends, and I know for sure I’ll be up there again the next two, so it’s a good decision by me.  I mean, the tolls work out being half the price, and I don’t have to stop at each booth.  I just hope it gets here (ordered it online) before I leave on Friday to head to Milwaukee.

Oh yeah, heading up to Milwaukee with Binford, to go to an Alton Brown book signing.  It was either St Louis on Thursday, or Milwaukee on Friday.  I figured, Friday would work out much better, since I could take another 3 day weekend.  I’m hoping it will be a good time.  I mean, Good Eats is such a quality show, the book signing can’t be bad.  Right?

Well, that leads me to my next topic, but that one really deserves a new entry because it’s crazy enough to be its own.

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