In the Shop

Well, this is the first time my car has gone into the VW Service Dept.  Hopefully it will be go smoothly, and I won’t end up with more things broken than what I sent it in for. 

Last week we had some weird weather, and one of the side effects was a lot of ice buildup.  Well, I went up to Chicago last weekend and tried to roll down my window for the tolls.  It didn’t budge, frozen solid.  However, now when I go to roll it down (even though it’s not frozen), it makes this horrible sound like metal scraping the glass, and it just never goes down.  Quality.  I’ve read that this is a common occurrence, and actually pretty easy to fix yourself.  However, the car only has 10k miles on it, and so I really don’t want to deal with it.

So far, this has been the only problem I have had with the car.  Otherwise, it’s been great.  There are a few weird things about it though.  The number one complaint I have is the seat adjustments.  In most cars, the lever on the side of the seat is for tilt, not mine though.  Instead, that’s to raise and lower the seat.  To tilt it, you have to turn the nob at the joint.  Talk about a pain.  However, it never really effects me, since nobody else drives my car.  I just have to constantly remind new passengers, that want to fiddle with the controls, that they’re actually making the seat go up and down, not tilt.

However, this car definitely beats the pants out of my old truck.  Just the addition of cruise is, in my mind, heaven.  Then there’s the gas mileage.  Definitely a good purchase on my behalf.

And I just got a call letting me know that everything is finished.  Took less than 4 hours, I can’t complain.  Granted, I’m not in possession of the car yet, so I’ll still have to see about that.

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