So, today I went in to see the dermatologist about the mole on my back.  He looked me over and said that it didn’t look serious, but that he would recommend getting it removed just because, and to have tests done on it.  That way, if tests do come back positive they can start looking at other spots too.  I give him the nod of approval and he asks if I wanted to have it done right then.

Well, I was only missing work, and since I was just fired, I don’t see why I really need to rush back.  I mean, I had someone covering for me anyways.  So, they prep me, and ask me all the good questions like if I have any allergies or anything like that.  Then, the lady stabs me a few times with a needle around the spot for local anesthesia, and then they start digging in.  All in all, the “surgery” took under 30 mins (at least that’s what their clock said), and that included stitching me back up.  Unfortunately, I was just anticipating the meeting, and so I had a parking ticket on my car when I got back to it. 

At the time, since I was anesthetized, I couldn’t feel anything.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case now.  It’s kinda swollen now, and is throbbing a bit.  However, they gave me a prescription of Vicadin in case the pain was too intense, plus I can take regular Advil or Tylenol.  Since it’s so swollen, it really makes it hard to move my arms around, because it keeps tugging on the stitches.  Slightly a pain.

However, the biggest pain is what they expect me to do to keep the dressings fresh.  Apparently, 3-4 times a day I’m supposed to clean it out with Hydrogen Peroxide, apply this anti-bacterial goo (only for the first 3 days), and then bandage it back up.  Now, this normally wouldn’t be a pain, but first of all, I can’t even see the area, and secondly, even if I could see it, I can’t really reach it. 

Thankfully Colleen has been nice enough to aid me in this task, at least once a day.  I figure that’s good enough anyways.  I mean, I’m not that dirty of a guy.  Am I?

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