Why Blog?

I was talking to a friend this evening about something I wish I could share on here, but unfortunately, for many reason I won’t, and she asked me why don’t I keep a journal?  To that I responded that a journal doesn’t do anything, and that I want to hear the feedback of others to ensure that I am normal and to find out what other people do in similar situations. 

I suppose this is why I keep a website and blog.  I know that I’ve touched on this before, but every week seems to bring me to a different part of posting on my website.  Currently, it allows me to write about things, but then I can also find out what other people think.  I’m guessing that’s why I didn’t like the first incarnations of rebelpeon.com, because there was no way to get feedback.  In that context it was just a journal, but everyone can see it. 

Now, some people think that I don’t seem to censor my online thoughts here at rebelpeon.com.  However, contrary to their belief, I do.  I know the people that read this site, and because of that, I do have to be careful on what I write.  There are times, like tonight, I wish I could write about whatever I want and still get the same benefits.  However, to do that would require starting another website and updating it.  Plus, that website would be totally anonymous, which would mean I would have no readers (not like I have many now…) and would totally defeat my purpose. 

Oh well, in other news, something big will hopefully be coming down the pike for me.  I hope to find out soon, and it will make so many things that I’m unhappy about right now go away.  More on that as details emerge though.

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