Windows Phone 7

Well, it’s been a few years, and I finally bought a new phone.  I used to have the Touch Pro 2, and while I enjoyed the keyboard, there was a lot not to love to.  Let me count thy ways:

  1. Windows Mobile 6.5 (even with all the hacked ROMs that I used)
  2. Thickness.  Man was that thing a pocket sore
  3. Windows Mobile 6.5

Pretty much everyone I work with either has an Android powered phone or an iPhone.  While I’m sure either would’ve worked just fine, I was holding out for the new Windows Phone 7.  I loved playing with a friend’s Zune HD.  The interface is just so much more fresh and, I’m not all that into apps, which is what both Android and iPhone seem to be centered around.

I waited, and I waited (and I was in Singapore for a few months), but I finally received my phone a week before Christmas.  All-in-all, I’m very fond of it, and getting around is so much better.  I ended up with the HD7, since I’m on T-Mobile through work, but I’ve also played with the Focus as that is what all the AT&T guys have.

There are a few issues which I’ll get to, but talk about a completely awesome overhaul.  The touchscreen is smooth and responsive, the icons are finger friendly, and most of all the integration is very intuitive.  The one thing I was really worried about was moving away from a keyboard.  On all my smartphones I’ve had a physical keyboard of some sort.  However, with the Windows Phone 7 keyboard, I’m able to type just about as fast and accurately.  Also, I never used to use my phone for music, but now I’m using it quite a bit.  The Zune integration is nice, and my (overly expensive) headphones sound excellent on them with no static/electric background noise.

Overall I am very happy, and I know with all the money that Microsoft has banked on it, it will at least try to become a large player and continually grow.  However, as mentioned there are a few annoyances that I have (there are more comprehensive lists elsewhere):

  • Dialer does not auto-complete names and numbers.  This is something that was great with WinMo 6.5.  In fact WP7 does it for text messages, just not for the dialer.  Boo.
  • No gapless playback with MP3s
  • I’m sure there are other things, but nothing that actively bothers me…

Microsoft has said that there is an update coming out in January/February timeframe to fix some of the other issues (copy/paste, etc), and I’m sure there will be many other updates to come to fix other issues.  However, right now, I’m glad I jumped on board.

If you’re interested, here are all the WP7 phones available now.

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  1. Good to see you back posting. Nick, Bud, Iffy and I all plunged in with the Samsung Focus and I’m pretty sure we are all loving it. It definitely can use some fixes, but for a version 1.0 of a MSFT product it’s refreshingly polished. I’m extremely glad to see that it didn’t take them long to roll out the Kindle app as well, as it has made my bag lighter for the train rides as the wife won’t let me take the actual Kindle with me.

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