Champaign Weekend

After going downtown on Friday to go look at the stores (and hordes of people) with my family, I headed downtown for a wedding (congrats Bree and Eric!!).  The wedding and reception were great and they did an awesome job on both.  I can’t believe how far away I am from going through all that now.  Anyways, I was staying at a friend from work’s Mom’s place both Friday and Saturday night.  After the reception (sometime after 12), I almost decided to drive all the say back to Chicago (and yes, I was sober since I had been taking pictures all night).  Let’s just say my mood was less than stellar. 

However, it’s a good thing I didn’t because today, my friend, the men from his family, and I went down to Oakland, IL to shoot some clays.  There’s a shooting range right off the highway, and we did a round of 100 Sporting Clays.  It was amazingly a lot of fun.  For both my friend and I, both residing in the Chicago area, this was the first time.  In fact, neither of us had shot a gun since we were both under 10. 

To both of our suprise, we did quite well.  He got a 47/100 and I got a 36/100.  Not too shabby for the first time around in the cold drizzle.  While I don’t see myself doing this on a regular occasion (that could get expensive really quick), it is definitely something that I’d do again.  Oh, and damn those rabbits are hard.

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